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1959 Tweed Bassman Amp – Original Vintage 5F6-A

1959 Fender Tweed Bassman Amp  5F6-A
Not for sale. The most awesome tone, bar tan, and mandatory cigarette burn on top, from years of gigging in DC clubs. This was my personal gigging amp, owned since 1998. Performed with it in classic rock bands throughout the DC area. All original except one non-original old 1954 Jensen speaker and a couple replaced capacitors that went bad.

Ser#BM02740, very clean, original, 5F6-A, serviced, IJ on chart, 220921,220937,220947 & 220443, no bell caps, two original cones, original transformers, original tweed, power trans stamped 45249, two old Tungsol 5881’s, one old Mullard GZ34





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