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1955 Fender Tweed Twin Amp

1955 Tweed Twin 5D8 Narrow Panel Low Power Amp

1957_Blonde_Stratocaster-with low power narrow panel 55 tweed twin
1957_Blonde_Stratocaster-low power tweed twin
1955 Fender Tweed Twin Amp
model 5D8, original , low power, narrow panel, not for sale. This is a rare transitional amp and could not find any when I searched around.  If any of you vintage amp gurus cares to add some helpful insight about the amp, feel free to leave a comment below.

You can see from the front and back pics that appears to be a 1955-1957 dual rectifier standard low power, 40-50 watt,  twin with the 5E8 circuit.

1955 Tweed Twin 5D8-A Narrow panel



1955 Tweed twin narrow panel low power


However, if you look at the tube chart you’ll see that it’s actually a 5D8-A but has the same tube layout as the 40-50 watt 5E8, namely dual 5U4G rectifiers rather than the previous, 25 watt, wide panel 5D8 amps with two 5Y3GT’s.


Has the original 7993 power transformer, original 2818 output transformer, pots, and mostly original paper caps, original tweed, grill etc. The only thing that I know has been changed is the original two prong cord was replaced with a 3 prong power cord, and it has a reissue handle because the original leather handle dried out and would not support the weight of the amp.  This amp is totally functional and is played!


1955 Tweed Twin narrow panel 5D8


Has the original late 1954 P12Q blue jensen gold label alnico 5’s both stamped #220436 C5837, appears to be the original cones.

1955 Tweed Twin narrow panel low power 5D8


Eventually I’ll try and put up a video so you can hear it. Actually you can hear it on my homepage here. The later high power tweed twins have way too much gain and are too clean for me.  The old wide panel tweeds break up to soon.  These low power twins are just right. Plenty of headroom, beautiful clean tone, but starts breaking up naturally BEFORE the windows shatter!

I used it to record the below video:


  • Will Brown says:

    A friend of mine sent me the link to this article and am very glad he did. I also own a 5D8A Twin and have never found hardly any information on it. All I had was hearsay from an amp tech that Fender put the ‘A’ suffix on their new models that hadn’t been ‘officially’’ changed to the new design and new model number. I have also never found the schematic or wiring diagram for the 5D8A and have always used the 5E8 schematic/diagram for reference but not being an actual amp tech I am not sure if there’s a difference between my actual wiring and that schematic. If you have a schematic and wiring diagram for the 5D8A I would greatly appreciate a link to them. And I agree completely that it’s a wonderful amp that is plenty loud without shaking the walls before you get nice creamy smooth sustained ‘squeeze’ on the notes!

  • Cal D Stone says:

    Do you have a schematic for this model? A friend has one too and can’t find one.

  • Pete Trauth says:

    Nice playing my friend! Now, I have two of these little gems, both 57s and they sound great. One of the very best amps out there today, better than a Dumble at an 80% discount!

  • Mark says:

    Thanks Pete! Interesting. They are very rare, at least in original condition. What model are yours?

  • Eric Philippsen says:

    This reply is over a year past the posting’s original date. I only ran across it because I got an original 1955 low-power Twin at a guitar show yesterday and was doing some online research about it.

    Unusual story about finding it but that’s beyond the scope here.

    I do have schematics and wiring diagrams for the 5D8, 5E8, 5E8-A and other Twins. I was once an amp tech.

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